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 Becoming a member of Staff

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PostSubject: Becoming a member of Staff   Sat Nov 12, 2011 2:43 pm

[size=12]Hello Guys, I have had a email about people wanting to become Staff in the site. At the moment we do not need anymore staff as we have plenty and have managed just fine in past with the current staff. However of we were to look for new staff, there are some rules and qualities that we would look for in the member.

1) Alway be polite and helpful on the forums.
2) Alway include accurate information and do not create or make things up, it's pointless and will lower your chance of becoming a member of Staff.
3) Show respect to other users and and the Current Staff, For example say if you reported A post to me and you said in the post something back your just as bad as that person so your chance of becoming staff are weak.
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Becoming a member of Staff
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