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 Tamagotchi Go

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PostSubject: Tamagotchi Go   Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:35 pm

Tamagotchi TamaTown Go

The newset tamagotchi to be released is the Tamagotchi Go. It is a $20 / £20 that is much larger than the other versions. The connection/connexion has been discontinued and Bandai have moved on to the next generation pets that are now called Tama-Town serise. In N-America they have been released and in Australia but they are suspected to be released in other countries in June/July. I have got one coming in the post so I will be able to update more often. The device now includes a skimmed down version on Tama-Town built in to the toy! Much like the tamagotchi colour had. The device also does keep the features from the connexion but adds a new port on the top so that you can add figures that add more games and more fun.

Finally! After nearly two years after the launch in America, The UK get the Tama-Go. The figures have still not been released but are expected to be released very soon.

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Tamagotchi Go
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