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 Tamagotchi V3 Guide

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PostSubject: Tamagotchi V3 Guide   Wed May 09, 2012 7:10 am

What do when you first get your Tamagotchi V3
Pull the tab that you see sticking out from the side. You should hear a 'bing sound'.
Then you should see a Egg
It should hatch in about a few minutes.
How to tell the Gender:

What is a Tamagotchi v3?
In North America it is called a Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 and in other places it's called a Tamagotchi Connexion Version 3. New characters and more games are released, also you can get passwords from a site called tamatown. Also you can earn cool items like souvenirs, and you can travel, and etc.

Each time your tamagotchi evolves they will learn a new game!

Here's a growth chain

Teletchi (girl) -> Tamatchi -> Hashitamatchi -> Kuchipatchi -> then a oldie (Otokitchi)

Controls: A- Move (1st button)
B- Select (2nd button)
C- Cancel (3rd button)

Getting Started

Health/Stats (Meter Icon, First Icon)
When you go to this option you should see a 'Hunger' and 'Happy' section and you should see hearts. Black means it filled and white means some parts are empty. To fill up your tamagotchi's 'Hunger' feed it a MEAL. To fill up your tamagotchi's 'Happy' meter feed it some snacks, play some games, or sometimes when you use items your tamagotchi will turn happy (finding a sunflower in your tamagotchi's PLANT).

The next thing you should see is a 'Training' bar. This shows your tamagotchi obedience.

The next thing you should see is ☻ icon this is how old your tamagotchi is. They will be a year every 24 unpaused hours.

Then you should see a balance beam looking thing. There you will see your tamagotchi's weight.

Then you should see a NAME text. We all know it's your tamagotchi name :p.

Then when you press the B button you should see GENDER text this tells your wheter your tamagotchi is a boy or girl.

The GEN text indciates what generation your tamagotchi is on.

NOTE! Certain tamagotchi's only appears on certain generations for example: Even and odd generations.

Press the B button then you should see a POINT text, with points you can buy items and donate! Also you can play games to earn points, and buy using certain items like shovels, chests, and etc..

Then when you press the B button you should see a USERNAME text this is used through TamaTown. Your usernames depends on what passwords you will get, and etc. You can't have a username like JOHN and except to get passwords from a username like CHRIS that will work. Wink

Feeding your tamagotchi (Chef Icon, Second Icon)
Meal- Gains your tamagotchi 1 IB (pound) and fills the 'Hunger' meter. Your tamagotchi will not eat meals all the time.

Snack- Gains your tamagotchi 2 IB (pounds) fills up the 'Happy' meter. Beware! That your tamagotchi will get tooth aces, and get over weight.

Bathroom (Toliet Icon, Third Icon)
Clean up your tamagotchi's poop. When you see your tamagotchi squatting (bending down) with wavy lines immediately take it to the bathroom.

Activity (Baseball Icon, Fourth Icon)
Each time your tamagotchi grows they will learn a new game. You should see a GAME option.

In Tamagotchi Connection Version 3, it has six games to play. The games are
as follow, Get(music note), Bump, Flag, Heading, Memory, and Sprint.

Get(music note) - The buttons that are used in this game is the 'A' button
and the 'C' button. The object of the game is to get all the music note without
letting it drop into the bins.If one music note drops into the bins, the game
is over. You have to guide your bin around to get the music note in your bin,
while avoiding the poops, yes I said poops. There are poops falling everywhere
like the music note. Don't catch the poop, because the game will be over if you
miss catching a music note or you caught a poop.

Bump - The button used in this game is the 'B' button only. In this game,
your tamagotchi will go up against another tamagotchi. Your tamagotchi has to
try to push the opponent to where he/she falls down and your tamagotchi is
still standing. You will have to help it to push the opponent down. Here is how
your part of the game come in. At the beggining, your tamagotchi will go up
against another tamagotchi. You just wait. Then it will say "PUSH" and that is
when you press the 'B' button. Then this bar will come up and you will have to
fill it up as far as you can with the 'B' button. The higher the bar is filled,
the higher chance your tamagotchi will win.

Flag - The buttons that are used in this game is the 'A' button and the 'C'
button.Your tamagotchi will hold two flags.The flag to the left is a black flag
and the flag to the right is a white flag. When playing there will be symbols
above it telling which flag to raise up. When the symbol above shows a white
flag, you will have to press the button acording to where the tamagotchi is
holding the white flag and your tamagotchi will raise that flag up. The same
thing if a black flag is shown. When both flags are shown black and white, then
you will have to raise both flags.Sometimes it will trick you and show a flag
that is shorter than the others. That is a trick, don't raise your flag up for
that one. Wait to raise your flag to the right flag, the longer one. The short
flag is a trick and the slightly longer flag is the one you want to raise your
flag up to.

Heading - In this game, you use all the buttons in your tamagotchi, 'A' 'B'
and 'C'.There will be a ball that will be dropping down.You will have to guide
your tamagotchi to where the ball is falling down and then press the 'B'
button and your tamagotchi will jump up and hit the ball and make the ball go
up again. Keep doing this until you win. You will have to do this for twenty
times. Be sure not to make it fall to the ground or hit your head because you
didn't jump in time.

Memory - In this game you use all the buttons.The 'A' button will be the left
arrow. The 'B' button will be the arrow that is pointing up. The 'C' button
will be the right arrow. In this game you will have to use your memory, hence
the name of the game, Memory.It will give you a sequence, a pattern, and then
you will have to enter the pattern in exactly like it showed you with the
buttons. example, if it showed you left, right, up, you will have to press 'A',
'C', and 'B',which will be left, right up.

Sprint - In this game, you use only one button, but you can use any one of
the buttons. You will race another tamagotchi to the finish line. Whenyou set
off to race, you will have to press the button very quickly to win. This game
is very simple. Just press any one button very quick to win and go to the
finish line.

Memory- Copy the patterns.
Left Arrow- A button.
Right Arrow- C button.
Up Arrow- B button.

Sprint- Press button to make your tamagotchi run.

ITEM- Watch your tamagotchi play with toys, and etc.

SHOP- Buy stuff with gotchi points!

Get passwords from TamaTown and earn items, and etc.

Sounveirs- Stuff you can receive from TamaTown.

Connection, Firth Icon (Heart Icon)
Connect to make friends and to make babies.

You should see
Other (choose this option when your connecting with another version).
Select a Option

Game- Play a game.
Present- Share presents.
Visit - Watch your tamagotchi's play with eachother and sometimes build Chemistry! Laughing

When you connect you should see STAND BY, press the B button, and you should be able to connect. Make sure the IR (red things) are facing eachother.

Sometimes one tamagotchi will connect and the other one will fail.

Discipline (Pacman Icon, Sixth Icon)

When to Give Your Tamagotchi a "Time Out":
1. If you see your tamagotchi beeping for no reason and it's meter is not on 0. Or when you don't see a sick icon on top of their head.

2. This only works when you connect with the same version: When your tamagotchi sends another tamagotchi a unexcpted present (poop, snakes, jack in the boxes) and your tamagotchi comes back with a evil grin on it's face give it a time-out.

When to Give Your Tamagotchi a "Praise":

1. When you see your tamagotchi crying.
2. If you see your tamagotchi turned around with smoke on top of their head Praise it. (This come sometimes also be your tamagotchi is sick.) This is also called a Bad mood.

Medicine, seventh icon (First Aid Icon)
When your tamagotchi has a skull or either a tooth ache use the icon!

Lights (Lamp Icon) 8th icon
Turn it off when your tamagotchi is sleeping.

Book Icon, 9th Icon

Friend - View all the tamagotchi that you connected with.
Sometimes you will see Nazotchi when you connect with different version. This means this tamagotchi is unavailable on that version.

Presents- This is where you can wrap and trash presents, you can send this to other tamagotchi's.

"How to Wrap"
Pick a item.
Press the B button and select YES on SURE?

"How to Delete Items"
When you pick a item press the B button and it should say WRAP, press the A button and it should TRASH press the B button to procced.

POINT- Donate points to send to the king, and when you donate a certain amount they should give you a password input it on tamatown.

FAMILY- View your tamagotchi's parent's and grandparents from previous generations..

Q: There is this old lady on my screen!?
A: This is the matchmaker she will find a partner with you if your tamagotchi does not mate in about after 3 years of it's Adult hood. Most common ages are 6-9.

Attention (Peanut Icon)
When that peanut lights up this means your tamagotchi needs something.
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AWSM Uwasatchi

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PostSubject: Re: Tamagotchi V3 Guide   Thu May 24, 2012 7:07 pm

Wow, this is really helpful! I have a version 3, and it's one of my favorite versions. flower
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PostSubject: Re: Tamagotchi V3 Guide   Thu May 24, 2012 7:10 pm

I'm glad that it has helped you. How are you enjoying Tamavillage.
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PostSubject: Re: Tamagotchi V3 Guide   

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Tamagotchi V3 Guide
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