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 The Life and Times of Jordboss's Tamagotchi's :)

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PostSubject: The Life and Times of Jordboss's Tamagotchi's :)   Wed May 09, 2012 7:45 am

8th May 2012

Hello and Welcome to my new log. I have decided to write it on the forum now instead of the site because I have more freedom on how I upload the content and such.

It's been a long time since I have posted a log. Mainly due to me no longer having much time to run tamagotchi's any more. However I did start one up two days ago. It's Mimitchi tama! My clear yellow P2 to be exact.

It was raining outside and I looked in my tamagotchi draw. The first tamagotchi I saw was my P2. It has been about 3 month since I last hatched him up. This Tama holds lots of good memories for me and I hope it will continue to.

I pulled put the tab and out popped a little egg. I has been along time since I've seen a P2 egg. It was just bobbing around waiting to hatch. After 5 mins, a little babytchi popped out. I fed him and played some games, I admit that I also fed a few snacks too haha.
He then evolved into Tonmauritchi. Below is a image of him Smile

That's all for now guys Smile Ill post again soon!

9th May 2012

Just a quick update for today. Nothing much has really happened. Tonmaurchi has stayed the same character but I think he should grow legs tomorrow. Or he might even evolve into a bad character! I don't want that! I hope I get little Mimitchi but only time will tell!

I decided that I wasn't going to post a new reply as it was such a small update. However I do plan on updating either tomorrow or when something interesting happens.

Talk later guys and thanks for reading Smile
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The Life and Times of Jordboss's Tamagotchi's :)
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