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 Tamagotchi P1/2 Screws

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PostSubject: Tamagotchi P1/2 Screws   Wed May 09, 2012 10:45 am

The Tamagotchi P1 and P2 have very small screws that hold the back cover into place. If these get striped then the device will no longer be usable because you cannot replace the batteries when they die.

Several people take them to the jewellers or to a mobile phone or watch repair shop as they will have the correct tools that will be able to take the screws out.

To avoid this happening always have a Philips 00 screw driver. Philips are a well know brand and are small enough to open the back cover easy without damaging the screws.

*Place the Philips screw driver on the screw and push down with moderate force. Slowly twist whilst keep a even amount of pressure to insure that the screw will not strip. Repeat this for all 2 screws until you are inside the Tamagotchi. Replace the batteries and screw the screws back in using the same procedure.

This should insure that your screws won't strip. I hope I have helped Smile
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Tamagotchi P1/2 Screws
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